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Royal part center
Living room in traditional luxury home
Location: P/Harcourt
Property unit: 1
For Rent, Sale or Lease: For Sale
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There are Four (4) separate product storage tanks; Two (2) with calibrated capacity of 12,805,133 litres and 12,4838,844 litres respectively, one (1) is completed though yet to be calibrated whilst the other one is yet to be completed as at our inspection. There are also two (2) slop tanks with a capacity of 60,000 litres each and an uncompleted water tank.

LOADING GANTRY The Gantry has three island and six loading bays fitted with six folding staircases. It is supported by steel stanchions covering a length of 30m width of 16 metres and height of 6.2 metres. The roof consists of steel trusses fitted with longspan aluminium roofing sheets. The gantry is designed to load six trucks independently at the same time.

JETTY FACILITIES The pipelines for product delivery are connected to the Hermes Jetty. Hermes Jetty is approved for customs clearance hence with the Jetty/draft tolerance. It is ideal for handling/processing direct import of products from overseas.


ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS Electrical installations at the facility include but are not limited to the following:

  • 500KVA MIKANO Generator Panel/ switch gear
  • Industrial Standard lightening/ thunder arrestor.
  • Perimeter lighting on galvanised steel poles
  • All lighting bulbs, switches etc are of explosion/spark proof standards as required.


There are 3 no. 8” schedule 40 steel pipes resting on steel pipe supports which run from Hermes Jetty, Ikot Abasi to the tanks. It covers a distance of 250 metres.There is also a configuration of 8” schedule 40 steel pipes linking all the tanks to one another with all necessary accessories and terminating at a common header to the product pumps. From the pump house to the loading gantry, there are 6 no. 6” schedule 40, factory polyethylene-wrapped steel pipes laid in a concrete-reinforced pipe duct covered with concrete slabs.


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