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Real Estate and Property



  • Mortgage Advice Consultancy(Using Financial Institution)
  • Property Development 
  • Acquisition and Marketing
  • Facility Management
  • Consultancy 
  • Investment 

Other services include:

  • Leasing
  • Project Management
  • Property Renovation
  • Joint Venture
  • Brokering 

Mortgage Advice Consultancy (Using Financial Institutions):  The mortgage advice business has created a whole new separate aspect of real estate. It has to be handled very carefully so as not to disturb the client sensibilities, while at the same time build the basis for a continuing and ongoing relationship. As we choose to concentrate on the key tasks of buying, selling and renting properties while leaving the mortgage advice business to our many capable Financial Institutions.

Property Development: Property development is a distinct and separate field from property management. Developing a property needs a whole separate set of administrative and management skills and our activities comprise of conceptualization, design, and implementation of various residential, commercial or retail development plans. 

The developments we conceptualize are driven by the desire to enrich the quality of people’s living, working and leisure environments. 

It is an intricate and delicate process that involves site acquisition; co-ordination of architectural & engineering design; pro-forma cost estimates with profitability analysis/returns on investment; debt/equity finance arrangements; building plan permits & approvals; collation of a team of professionals to work on the development project; key decision making/project management; marketing of the property for Lease/sale, and property management It involves everything till the final completion of project and handover to the owners from the building contractors.

Acquisition and Marketing: We put the knowledge we’ve gained to work for our clients in evaluating and structuring their real estate transactions to meet their business goals.Working closely with clients, we evaluate the potential of corporate and individual properties by identifying capital expenditures, leasing risks, investment returns and a recommended purchase/selling price. We can then develop a strategic plan for the property that accommodates client’s objective.

Facility Management: Baysal Concept Int’l has a virile property management unit whose primary role is to ensure the smooth functioning services which include property maintenance all structures, equipment, facilities, repairs and services, so as to ensure maximum comfort for clients. 

We understand the importance of providing an efficient and reliable service especially in an industry where this frequently does not occur. 

Our strategy is to have a dedicated site manager/caretaker located at each development ensuring the highest service levels, customer care and minimum turn-around time. 

We are able to look after all aspects of management efficiently, and ensure all residential and commercial property issues are run in a professional manner.

Consultancy: With our experience in property development, Baysal Concept Int’l also actively engages in rendering professional consultancy services to various players in the industry. We have hired some of the best professionals in this area and are offering our services to aspiring clients on a short term, long term or makeshift basis, as the situation merits and according to the wishes of the client or partner. It leverages the skills of its Management to assist with the design, research, perfection, and arranging of construction/development packages for its client companies which may not have the capacity to do so on their own .

Building Services Package includes:

Architectural Design Consultancy

Architectural Drawings & Building Documentation: Floor Plans, Elevations and Sections

Structural Drawings

Mechanical and Electrical Drawings

Approval Processing

Project Costing

Project Supervision

Project Construction

Investment: Baysal Concept Int’l also actively engages in investment activities in real estate in other markets. With rigorous research and well established staff complement, the company seeks and seizes short-term investment opportunities in real estate development with other developers both locally and abroad, as a basis to diversify its earnings base.

The company has distinguished itself as a trusted advisor, Consultants and Broker to many Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Real Estate and Property in Nigeria and abroad. We are poised to provide distinct wealth creation service and service delivery in the economy through mutual partnership. 




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