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RIG FOR SALE: 3000HP-15000PSI !!!
Location: P/Harcourt
For Rent, Sale or Lease or Charter or Hire: For Sale
Property/Asset unit: 1
Country: Nigeria
Marine Asset Type: Rig
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RIG FOR SALE: 3000HP-15000PSI !!!

1.Type of Rig? Land Rig

2. HP 3000HP

3. Psi 15,000PSI

4. Jettison Pressure

5. Drilling depth 35,000ft

6. Drilling pipe 5", 12 stand of 9" drill collars

7. Pulling Capacity 2,100,000lb

8. Mud tank Mud Pumps :
i. Three (3) "New" Gardner Denver PZ-11 Mud Pumps, 1600 HP, Liners 6¼" x 12", 643 gpm
each at 3200 psi driven by 6 each GE-752, 1000 hp traction motors


PRICE: $13.5M


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